About Arya Bourse brokerage


Has been established in 2005, Arya Bourse Brokerage Company (Privately held stock) with registration No. 23363 issued by the Securities & Exchange Organization (SEO) and fully paid-in capital of IRR 30 billion, commenced its operations as a listed brokerages of Tehran Stock Exchange.

The company currently utilizes five trading stations and has a presence in two cities around the country, engaged in major Iranian capital markets including Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and Iranian OTC (FaraBourse), that provide services to both institutional and retail investors. 

With a professional and highly qualified management team, Arya Bourse has been rapidly expanding its available services by being in process of obtaining all licenses required to become the full service brokerage.

Arya Bourse management team strongly following reciprocal benefits of customers and the company; in order to do so, customer orientation services have been considered as the most important goals.

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